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What I like to call "preventative health care"

Meditation in Sukasana
Artist: Kie Johnson

What's new? You ask...Chanda creating and now managing a website for Let It Be (aka LIBY).

Yay! Yes, I am 43 and it is time to give myself new challenges. :)

How did I get here? It's a long story with several parts. Here is one of the contributing limbs that worked towards how LIBY came to be.

I opened LIBY in February of 2014, renting the upstairs of the Wonderbarn! It was fun, exhilarating and necessary (for me). After 6 years of full time work at a long-term acute care (LTAC) hospital I was burned out. I'm a Speech Pathologist and I love working in the medical field. I learned a lot about working with patients on ventilators with tracheostomy during my time in the LTAC. Aside from the "typical" more known areas of speech and language recovery/rehab, I also helped people recover both voice and swallow after a long arduous journey in what was most likely the worst health experience they had in their lives...if they recovered. And there was a high rate of death. While I began to understand that not everyone can be healed of the often multiple comordities they suffered, even with great care and rehab. I learned that death itself was sometimes, if not the preferred form, maybe eventually the best form of healing.

It was eye opening. It was the type of experience that lead one to question health. Can it be preventative? Do we all have to succumb to the multiple supposed "aged" related high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol that ALL of my patients suffered underlying their stroke, myocardial infarction, sepsis, etc ?.

The answer was blessedly no.

While working in the LTAC, I began to discover yoga and all of it's beautiful 8 limbs. I learned that health was more in my control than I thought with of course diet and exercise but now also with a mindfulness practice. More on of these topics to come, hopefully!

I could go on and on about experiences I had and life lessons learned while in the LTAC. Suffice it say, I'm grateful for that experience. As we all know, our life experiences are the amalgamations that make us what we are today. It's a journey of growth and understanding that makes life so rich and worth it!

It was in part though the absolute worse health case scenarios and deaths that spurred on my quitting the full time LTAC position to take more time to learn and practice what I like to call preventative health care for myself in the full form of yoga. And thus opening Let It Be.

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