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Extending Grace

Here we are in the beginning of April 2024 already!

Sometimes I have so many irons in the fire that I don't get completed certain tasks. If I let the lagging feelings reign I quickly spiral down the overwhelmed, guilt ridden ego mind path. The voice in my head saying I've failed, let others down, etc. That voice can be so disturbing and even destructive. If you're like me (even a little) you've heard that voice at times too.

 Grace is forgiveness without condition. How do I (we) bridge the gap between feeling failed, overwhelmed, etc. to giving grace so that I (we) can move forward?

First, sitting with the uncomfortable emotions. Just breathing them in and letting them be there is a form of non-resistance to what is the reality in the moment. It means I can look at the facts that I am human, I am not perfect. That many times for us life is like balancing plates, saucers and tea cups with 6 limbs when you only have 4 and only two of those are truly equipped to hold plates, so inevitably we will occasionally drop and break something. These moments help remind me that it's okay (breathe). I don't have to do it All all of the time. And in fact, I cannot.

Once in the place of acceptance (with my thoughts/feelings) there can be a shift in my perspective (that really only comes once I've just allowed myself to feel fully those uncomfortable feelings). Enough space to quiet the ego voice and reach for grace - unconditional forgiveness. This is what begins to allow me to regroup, let go and begin again.

It's proverbial because it's true, each moment is an opportunity to begin again.

When we keep a consistent mat yoga practice (two limbs breath {pranayama} and poses {asana} of yoga), we can each practice beginning again. The practice can be very symbolic of accepting what is, even the uncomfortable feelings, and this then allows us to move through into the space where we can begin again. When we can find love and grace for ourselves, we can more easily extend it to others with Truth and Authenticity.

"There is so much room (space) on this planet and equally in our hearts for Grace." C. Ross

picture Jasper National Park Canada

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