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We, as humans, Need nature. There is an inner knowing, a connection that can be felt when time is taken to go into nature. A connection of energies. A knowing that we somehow belong there.

Who hasn't taken a moment when a soaring hawk is spotted to watch and imagine the freedom of floating on wind?Who hasn't sat beside the waterfall and had senses inundated with the sweet smells of the earth, the calming sound of water and the fresh airs cool touch over skin?...and in those moments felt the bodies immediate response of relaxation, of peace? Notice nature when you take a walk, go to the botanical gardens, take hikes, etc. Perhaps just sit in your own backyard one late evening or early morning.

The holiday seasons can be hectic to say the least. We can get busier than our usual level of busy with all the extras! Many that we choose and love. I'd like to remind each of us to take moments to find our inner peace to help assuage the onslought of greater life busy-ness. Take moments in your day to breathe a few deep breaths. Go into a quiet space, yawn, allow your eyes to tear when you yawn and take a deep breath in then sigh it out.

Practice your self-care when you a bubble bath, massage, etc.

And if you don't have the chance to go into nature it's okay! Our brains with memories are Amazing in that when we recall a memory the physiological body responds in real time. So, if you just close your eyes and recall a past moment in nature that has relaxed you your physiological body will have the same response and you will calm and call forth your inner peace in just moments. We can access this when needed.

A consistent yoga practice helps us build this ability to breathe, release and find our inner peace. This season Let It Be holds all classes except on Christmas Day. If you have visited our space you know how calming and peaceful it is. The studio is there for any and all and can be especially helpful this holiday season. We look forward to practicing with you.

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