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Natural Highs

When I attended college, each year students would make a list of what we called "natural highs". The idea was, of course, what are the things in life that are fun, enjoyable and perhaps even healthily addicting...where one might reach a natural high? Getting high with feelings of joy! Perhaps from hanging out with great friends around a bon fire, or taking a hike in the mountains, hunkering down with a good book and some warm tea.

The list of natural highs were printed on posters and students could get one to hang up, etc. I recently came across one such poster that apparently I've kept all these years. The poster was created in '95-96. Reading through the list reminded me of how I would actually feel so full of life and joy when I would make time to endeavor some of those activities.

I've recently asked myself what do I do these days to reach the

se natural highs?

And I realized I may actually be doing things to dampen my sense of feeling alive and free. In fact, I may have addictions that don't offer these highs however they do offer a sense of escape as they allow me to somehow check out mentally. It's a false high and yet can be addictive if not tempered. One example is binge watching a TV show.

A regular yoga practice has helped me find these natural high moments. The act of moving and breathing while in the company of other practitioners in the class with a spirit of good will and a shared consciousness of Good. This brings a feeling of love and community all while we each work on our own goals of increased health and well-being. Natural high!

The regular moments of practice then translate into a continued feeling of contentment - as well as resilience that helps us weather those moments in life that feel more stressful - in the every day of our lives.

What's your addiction? Is it a healthy natural high? Or a sneaky way that feels like we are taking back some of our time and yet it's truly not lending towards our health and well being? Do you have the balance where you are choosing more of the natural highs? And less of the false highs?

See you on the mat in our beautiful, serene and healing space. Love, Let It Be Yoga

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