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Let It Be Yoga Studio is an Orchard...

Our beautiful community studio is spacious and airy. It is full of peace and tranquility. You can find energy there but it is what I like to call the "good" kind of energy. One way I like to describe "good" energy is that you enter the sanctuary and immediately you feel calm, happy, relaxed and then you leave feeling vibrant inside and yet with calm...a fun alive energy and yet it is not overwhelming or over stimulating. Let It Be is a nurturing environment.

This is a most special place in these times. We are in a 100 year pandemic (as we all know) and finding sanctuaries within our now much more confined communities/lives is important And healthy. Keeping our immune systems as strong as we can is at the top of our lists and rightly so! We cannot control everything either outside of ourselves (in fact perhaps really nothing outside) and not always within. And yet, there are practices that we know help us manage our inner selves including the physiological, psychological and emotional. When these areas are balanced our immune systems are stronger.

You walk barefoot through the doors of Let It Be onto raw hardwood floors with wooden walls which immediately gives one a sense of grounding and peace. There are many windows and doors allowing fresh air and daylight to stream in in both direct and indirect ways. Shadows play across the space from morning unto evening. You may not know it but this hugely aids in your bodies ability to balance your circadian rhythm...sunlight both early and into the later day, twilight. The lighting signal to the brain allows your brain to almost immediately sigh and relax as it goes about balancing the chemicals and hormones responsible for your wake and sleep, etc.

There are earthy smells of wood, leaves, trees, heat, sometimes intermixed with moisture and the cool of rain.

The sounds you hear are mixed with breeze, birds, light music, occasional laughter and your yoga teachers voice.

As you begin your journey on your mat in a very short time already you have began to shed your life for a while, to calm your self, to nurture your self and to center. Physiologically this means your nervous systems unwinding working towards a more homeostatic place that is healing. Psychologically you have begun to release all the story lines your mind is busy with (like what you need to be doing, shouldn't do, etc). Emotionally you are putting aside the anxiety of that interaction with another person, or the sadness of some situation...even joy you let sweetly hang in the background. Within seconds of entering this space your well made Self has begun these processes. Some of us are acutely aware of it,, others of us perhaps less so but that's ok it happens none-the-less. It's so beautifully great!

To me, this is the moving within that people like Rumi speak of when they write words like this:

"Don't try to see through the distances. That's not for human beings. Move within, but don't move the way fear makes you move."

Walking through LIBY's doors, we begin to move within in this healthy way of coming to ourSelves. "Soaring inward like an eagle" wrote Coleman Barks in his book the Illuminated Rumi of Rumi's poem Come to the Orchard.

LIBY is an orchard within Watkinsville GA.

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Kally Ninnette

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