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Hot As...

I went for my run today at 10:45 am and the day was heating up as expected for July in Georgia. I would have liked to run earlier with less heat and the illusion of less humidity :), but life does not always work out just as we plan. So, unwilling to give up my idea of running today, I lit out.

I began with a brisk walk for 3/10 of a mile. Then I began a slow pace but a cadence good for me (above 174) which feels your feet are going quick but you really aren't going anywhere fast. Haha! However, I was rogging (run/jogging). Sacrificing my time by slowing way down probably wouldn't be the game plan for those I consider "real" runners. But, I'm a joy runner who wants to run sustainably for the rest of my life. That means I think of myself more like an Arab horse or even better camel. How do I run in this heat and not over heat or over stress my system? Here's how, slow start (walking), slow pace and settle into a comfortable breath cycle. And of course being well hydrated is a given. A comfortable breathing cycle means no struggling for air, not working too hard to breathe.

In this type of heat, even running as described above will have you sweating plenty.

Once I settle into my runs, I usually focus on breath and sometimes repeat a mantra either with my steps or to the rhythm of my breathing. Today though I pondered the heat and how to do life in it.

At the studio through June we have been able to open doors with A/C on and stay fairly cool, especially in the morning classes. Here in July though, it is already what my sister and I say "hot as hail!" Opening the doors especially in the late day class times means just almost an immediate loss cool air to the hot and humid still air. Ugh!

Have no fear though! I thought of two ideas that may help us ease the July and August heat and still comply of doors open for appropriate outdoor air and air circulation which we now know is good in the pandemic. Check it out when next you come take a class.

As with many of us, the pandemic and rising numbers are ever present to the back of my mind. Should I close the studio yet again? This is definitely an option I am keeping open as the next couple of weeks unfold. I do believe though that Let It Be with the appropriate distancing between practitioners and good air flow continues to be as safe as can be in this new way of life. Please continue to only come in good health. Please practice mask wearing in all other locations where you are in close contact with others or cannot appropriately physical distance (and who are not already in your pod).

We need as safe as possible avenues to get out and move and be social...this only helps boost immunity, uplift spirits which aid against situational and/or spikes in chronic depression, decrease anxiety and helps us feel more peaceful and calm. So Yoga On! Whether in our community space observing all appropriate measures, with us during live stream classes, in our pop up outdoor class, following our videos on the website on your own. So many ways!! yay

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