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happy heart!

Wow February of 2019 already!

The year is off to a great start at the Wonderbarn with Let It Be Yoga!

Emphasizing heart is what February tends to be about because we have that fun and favorite holiday Valentine's Day!

If you google, you can find several stories on the origin of Valentine's Day as early as the Roman's. The holiday evolved to celebrate romantic love specifically. I remember spending a few years in my life without a romantic love during this holiday. When I did, I would actually have negative feelings about the day and maybe even say to myself "humph....who cares about Valentines day...I don't!"...of course, I totally did.

My Mom though, she would always remember her children on Valentine's Day. She'd leave a small gift, a card, some chocolate. She taught me that this month and day can be about celebrating all your loves...not just the romantic one.

Because the holiday's history has evolved why not let it continue to by way of each person deciding to just have a happy heart and celebrate the many loves one has...friends, family, romantic, pets, etc.

With yoga, the heart is strengthened both in the physical and physiological body but also by virtues of emotion such as love and compassion first towards oneself. When we love and appreciate ourselves, we can love and appreciate others more fully and in truth. Yoga is one avenue that can help a person understand and develop this practice...the practice of love.

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