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First Two Week Closure

Let It Be (LIBY) will be closed for a while during the COVID-19 social distancing. 

Join on the WIX App for forums, videos and we can even have conversations there! 

I, Chanda, owner and manager of LIBY and other teachers of LIBY are working to put up some videos of yoga that you can follow along with. 

I do though think this time has hidden gifts and opportunities such as practicing on your own! We are entering Spring and the weather is so ideal that one could take your mat outside or practice indoors in front of your bright window! Remember, practice does not always have to be an hour long. Even just 10 to 15 minutes can be great! Also, try not to get bogged down with ideas of "I don't know how to practice on my own" do! Even if you attended just a few classes, you'll be surprised once you get on your mat what you'll remember! 

Even so, on the Wix app there are a few short videos of yoga. These are designed for you to watch and then once you get the asanas down, you can practice on your own! You'll likely even begin to add other poses. Yay! 

I was reminded by one of our teachers, Heather Flower, via email that yoga also includes taking a nice meditative walk, taking in all of the beauty that Spring brings with it. Breathing and walking, seeing the beauty of this valuable. Thanks Heather! 

So, here's to each of you discovering further how Yoga is a lifestyle...carried into all areas of our life. May this time help us know this on deeper and more tangible ways.

Sending each of you light, love and health!


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