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Finding myself with a hole...( a tribute to Luke)

I recently lost my long time friend Luke, my horse. We were together pretty much daily for 17 years and then in total 24 years. My relationship with Luke is first a huge testimony towards sentience - the capacity to experience feelings and senses that is beyond or not really involving intelligence or mental effort - for a being other than human. You likely understand this if you've had a dog or cat or some other pet you've loved. No one can tell you the relationship isn't somehow reciprocated from both beings. The joy you know you both felt in each other's presence even though you don't speak the same language. He was so beautiful! Not just in body but in Spirit. When I was in his presence I'd have such a deep sense of peace and well being.

His passing is more than just a loss of the physical plain for our friendship and kindred-ship. He was who I would talk to, the safe place I could tell all. He was at times symbolic of God to not in that I knew there was nothing I had to hold back and would still find the unconditional love and companionship no matter (of course we all know that's because he didn't speak human :)).

I found Luke around 1997 and now he is gone in 2023...that is a good almost two decades of my life. It's not lost on me that Luke was with me as a single early 20s young lady to a now late 40s woman having what I like to call lived a couple of different lives in between those ages, haha! And yet so true. My path has been one of growth that has at times involved intense changes. And Luke was with me through it all.

{As I write this I begin to cry...for many reasons. It's interesting though, in real time as I write this and cry my dog Leelu gets up, walks to me at the desk, whines - her brown eyes intensely looking at me..she is talking to me. I pet her and tell her I'm okay, then she lays down by my feet.}

My yoga life style did not begin until my mid 30s. I went through some transition and learning regarding my relationship (toward many things but also) toward my animals friends. Yoga had me thinking more deeply about my relationship with each one...not just our relationship in so far as what it does for me (how they enriched my life) but also perhaps what did my relationship ask of or do for them? Was I allowing or even aiding in their right to their own existence as much as able this day and age? A connection with our domesticated animals is one I've felt deeply since I was a young girl. And yet only until I became a regular practitioner of yoga did I find a much deeper understanding and thoughtfulness towards my animal family. Also my human family. And my friends. Etc. There are many areas my life has been enriched through my practice. It begins on the mat. And one does not really even need to purpose for changes. If you come to your mat open and willing, changes take place as needed.

Needless to say this is a subject with a lot of angles, thoughts, much more could be written! I just want to convey this I've found or learned through my yoga practice - a deeper way to relate in this life with beings other than humans. I believe this is what is meant (or one meaning) of how yoga deepens our lives. As Swami Vishnu Devananda says "anyone who continues with a regular practice (of yoga) becomes aware of a subtle change to their approach to life...".

I am eternally grateful for the many years I was blessed to share this life with Luke. A most beautiful and enchanting horse. My friend. I will always love him. Now I get to be grateful when he comes to mind ...wonderful memories reminding me of what a rich life I've been leading.

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A lovely tribute to your old friend Luke.


What a beautiful writing in memory of your precious Luke and gorgeous photos♥️

love you, Katie


Peace be with you.


Beautiful tribute.......... <3

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