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A Busy Life...

Updated: Aug 9, 2019

This picture was sent to me by my friend Julie Hutchins. She is an artist but I am unsure if she drew this or if someone else did. Either way, I give credit to it's creator out there. And further, it did resonate with me deeply as I felt it captured my busy life.

My busy life is so like many others, men and women alike. Aren't we all juggling so many "hats". For me, sometimes I feel I'm doing brilliantly! And then many times, it is only when I begin to feel weary and worn down that I realize I can't juggle all of life on my own and that I don't have to. In this place of "tired" which can make me feel sad or melancholic I realize I need to surrender.

This seems to be a lesson I have and will need to learn again and again...

On my mat, with my yoga practice, I can breathe, let go, give over, meditate, pray, let's face it...even pound my fists and gnash my teeth! in a "how did I get here again?!" moment.

Eknath Easwaran in his translation of the Bhagavad Gita states "two forces pervade human life...the upward thrust of evolution and the downward pull of our evolutionary past."

What has this quote got to do with a busy life? Everything.

Just because we have the ability to ponder the future and the past doesn't negate the necessity to be present. In fact, we must become present to really live and to rejuvenate. For me, sometimes coming to a place of surrender is what is needed for me to get present. I often remember this on my mat.

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Claire B Clements
Claire B Clements

You are an amazing Yoga teacher and you do so much for so many and all with Grace. Thank you. I am eager to participate in about 3 hours!!!!

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