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No doubt about it, we are living in what feels like uncertain times! With the summer solstice just past us and heat rising (at least for Georgia) many of us have questions. I use myself as a an example; 1. Do we join the pool and go swimming or not? 2. Do we travel to the beach or mountains or not? 3. What is the socially responsible decision to make? 4. Do I continue with the physically spaced yoga classes at the studio or not?

It's hard to truly know numbers but the overall consensus is COVID cases have risen with the uplifting of restrictions. It's not that that wasn't somewhat expected. The question becomes what is "right" now? Stay open? Close back up?

Everyone of us is learning on the fly, if you will. Including the "experts" we look toward to understand and know the most about this viral pandemic. It is my understanding now (as best as I can decipher) that surface cleaning while good is not as detrimental as the air we breathe. Hmmm....

Yes, it is the air within a few feet of each other that is deemed most dangerous. Thus physical distancing is important! As well as, open air circulation.

Good news! at LIBY we have 5 doors to the outside. Teachers are practicing with doors open, fans going and cool air on.

For now, we will stay open using the utmost precautions of physical distancing and great hygiene practices.

We trust anyone attending is in good health! No fevers, coughing or shortness of breath.

As for the other questions we are all asking ourselves regarding how much to stay in and how much summer to do?...

I can only speak for myself, I believe the out of doors is very healthy (several experts have explained the virus out in open air quickly dissipates!) and being out in my pod (family) but keeping distance from other pods is the responsible thing to do. We wear masks if we have to go indoors where others are for example the grocery store.

I am reading the best books! One in particular is titled "Living Beautifully with Uncertainty and Change" by Pema Chodron. Thank you Kie Johnson for gifting this book to me! I've learned so much truth on the ambiguity of life and how to live with uncomfortable feelings, emotions, ideas. I highly recommend this book to each of you. And the practices you find within the pages are most helpful! Creating a world that we can control is truly an illusion. Humans will come up against this huge life lesson time and again even if in different forms. Letting go of ideas of control even while practicing safety is like anything else in life...a Balance.

How do I write this? What I feel is "right" and what you feel is "right" most likely will differ in some way. Somehow, everything has to transcend the "right and wrong" plain and move towards "awareness and understanding without judgement" both within ourselves as individuals and for others around us.

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