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Give Gentle a Chance

Gentle yoga is So Very healing! Why? Read on:

Gentle yoga helps address calming our nervous systems...and who doesn't need that in the wake of recent world events! When we help our nervous systems to quiet we decrease anxiety, fears, etc. and increase our inner resilience.

I know many practitioners want a great yoga flow "work-out" and there is nothing wrong with this! And yet, a great balance to our lifestyles with yoga as a tool is too slow down and calm.

This undertaking can feel uncomfortable at first. Why? Because many of us are so oriented to be go getters, movers and shakers; make things happen!! (again this is not always bad). However, an irony, if you will, is that we will actually produce better when we balance with some calm and quiet. Gentle Yoga can help you learn to tap into your own ability to calm, quiet and focus when you need it most.

Gentle and Yin yoga are excellent ways to safely and yet deeply stretch. Are you a body builder? Or an athlete that relies upon your body as the ultimate machine? An excellent cross train is to employ some stretching, safely. The gentle and yin yoga's shine in this area! This is a nice counter balance to the shortened yet strong striated muscle tissue created when we do things like lift weights, run, bike, etc. Yin especially will help reach into the connective tissues surrounding muscle fibers creating greater circulation of all the elements necessary to increase muscle health.

Gentle yoga can be Challenging! Yin and Restorative too. Slowing down has become a skill in our society and skills need to be practiced. There is usually an immediate effect after one class however if you want to be able to tap into the skills that are strengthened by a gentle practice the best results come from practicing over time. Discipline. Give gentle, yin and/or restorative yoga at least 10 times before deciding it isn't for you. I'm almost 100% positive you won't decide that. Again, a calming practice such as gentle yoga is one of the healthiest things we can do for ourselves. Whether you want to create mental, emotional, physical, or a combination of all flexibility Gentle yoga, Yin and Restorative can help you greatly. After all, the tree that doesn't Bend will break.

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