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Would you like to increase your spine health and upper body strength? Trapeze yoga may be for you. This is a fun and safe way to find spinal traction while gaining some strength. Read on....

Trapeze Yoga is ultimately a modern yoga prop much like an inversion sling that allows for passive backbends, shoulder opening  and spine decompression. The yoga trapeze will help build upper body strength and requires functional core strength. 

Yoga Trapeze is athletic to a certain extent. While going upside down for spinal traction and backbends etc. can be passive there is a strength component involved. It can be for most people a wonderful practice! There are though some parameters that may make Trapeze Yoga not for you at this time. It's not recommended for pregnant woman, people with stage 2+ herniated discs, cardiovascular disease, hypertension (uncontrolled) or glaucoma and any Acute back injury.

The classes will be small 3 to 4 practitioners. This allows for more personalized attention from Chanda as you learn trapeze yoga. The classes will be offered as a series that you are required to join for a fee and expected to attend all sessions. It's a commitment! Due to the nature of learning the trapeze for yoga a drop-in class style historic for LIBY will not be appropriate for this. 

Often cited benefits of trapeze yoga are relief of generalized back pain and sciatica, core strength development, deeper backbends and shoulder opening and overall upper body strength development. 

If you would like to try Trapeze Yoga contact Chanda by email and set up a time to talk about your goals and do a free 30 minute demo class.

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