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My Practice …

A study of Breathing,


And Meditation


Peggy C. Olson

July 2022


Introducing a class that I like to call: My PRACTICE.

I chose this name so that as each member of the class tells someone where they are

going or what class they are taking they say: my practice. They and we all each own it.


My Practice offers gentle overall healing and renewing benefits using unique and known

techniques for breathing, movement, and meditation. The breathing techniques mostly

come from Gay Hendricks, Ph.D. work, CONSCIOUS BREATHING, Breathwork

for Health, Stress Reduction, and Personal Mastery. Gentle, restorative

movement comes from the realm of Qigong, essentially the work of Roger Jahnke’s

THE HEALER WITHIN, and, also, incorporating the teachings of Master Chunyi Lin,

founder, and creator of Spring Forest Qigong. Qigong from other writers in this field and

also stretching techniques are used during class. Meditation is the main focus of My

Practice. Meditation will be done using different modalities including Loving Kindness

Meditation (Metta), Mindfulness Meditation, Mantra Meditation, Heart Meditation

(from HeartMath), and other guided meditations.

The only items needed for class will be:

Your favorite water bottle or label.

A small but lovely journal.

A pen that you love.

A yoga mat if you wish. I will be using a chair, and chairs are available.

Please wear loose, comfortable clothing, or yoga wear if you like.


Benefits of participating in a group practice such as this are huge and many! Some of

these benefits include:


 Enhancing effects to the individual practitioner due to the combined

energy of the group.


 Potential for decreasing negative emotions while enhancing positive


 Quieting the ‘inner critic.’

 Enhancing social and nature connectedness.

 Opening and clearing energy pathways through and around the body.

 Enhancing circulation and oxygen carrying capacity throughout the body

and into each cell.

 Potential to aide in balance.

 Potential for decrease in chronic pain and tension.


About the Instructor:

Peggy Olson is a retired RN, BSN, a Licensed Unity Teacher, a certified Meditation

Instructor, and an Alternative Healing Therapist (Soul Care Provider). She is trained

and certified as a Reiki Master and Healing Touch Provider. She has been a Prayer

Chaplain and Prayer Chaplain Trainer since 2009. Peggy taught aerobic dance, Jackie

Sorenson, at the YMCA in the early 1980’s and during those years she also studied

massage therapy and Therapeutic Touch. She first became interested in meditation

during this time and studied different techniques. Beginning in 2008 she steadily

studied Qigong, Reiki, and Healing Touch.

Having been a musician and vocalist for most of her life she was/and is familiar with the

health benefits of proper abdominal breathing. In 2009 she became fascinated with the

work of Hendicks and adopted his theory of conscious breathing as a life tool.

Now, certainly in her Golden Years, Peggy looks forward to offering the benefits of

Breathing, Moving, and Meditation in a group environment. She is looking forward to

sharing this healthy, easy, and gentle work and experience with you.

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