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Let It Be Yoga

October 2023

We look forward to practicing with you this month! 

New This Month:

1.  Clorinda is moving her class from Thursday to Wednesday! Yay and the time will be 10:15 -11:15am


2. No Wednesday class with Kim at 11:30 am. Kim is off the schedule. Thank you Kim for holding space! 

3. HIT with Joe is back! Yay! Saturday mornings 10:30 to about 11 am

It's a fun workout!

Mel is off the schedule for an extended time however does plan to be back! Yay! in the interim  Chanda is the sub...unless she needs a sub, haha! But for the most part will be leading the class. We look forward to your return Mel!

This is also the case for Becky's Wednesday evening Yin yoga class. Thank you Cheri for subbing while she is away! You rock! And Becky we look forward to your return. 

All other classes are the same! Check out the full week schedule on our Schedule page (click the Schedule button above). 


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